Golden  Hind Restaurant

​Notice : The Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) Policy has stopped on 10th November 2016. We are licensed and serve alcohol. Please view our alcohol menu.

 STARTERS                                Salads

Prawn Cocktail                                      £4.00                                    Tomato and Onion                £4.00 

Cod Fishcakes (Homemade)                £4.00                                    Mixed Salad                          £4.00

Vegetable Cakes (Homemade)            £4.00                                    Tomato and Mozzarella         £5.00

Feta Cheese Fritters                             £4.00                                    Greek Salad (Small)             £4.50

Mozzarella Fritters                                £4.00                                    Greek Salad (Large)             £6.00 

Whole Tail Scampi (Breaded)               £4.50                                    

Calamari Strips (Breaded)                    £4.90                                    

Salt and Pepper Squid                         £5.50 



Fish (Fried)                      Fish (Steamed)


Small Cod (Offered only between 12pm - 3pm)             £7.90          Small Cod (Offered only between 12pm - 3pm)            £7.90  

Cod (Boneless Fillet)                                      £10.90        Cod (Boneless Fillet)                                       £10.90

Small Haddock(Offered only between 12pm - 3pm)    £7.90        Small Haddock(Offered only between 12pm - 3pm)   £7.90

Haddock (Boneless Fillet)                               £10.90        Haddock (Boneless Fillet)                               £10.90

Cod Fishcakes (Homemade)                            £8.25        Plaice (Boneless Fillet)                                   £10.90

Vegetable Cakes (Homemade)                        £8.25         Skate (Wing)                                                   £11.50

Rock Salmon (Seasonal Availability)              £10.90        Salmon (Boneless Fillet)                                 £11.50

Plaice (Boneless Fillet)                                   £10.90         

Skate (Wing)                                                   £11.50

Whole Tail Scampi (Breaded)                         £10.90

Salmon Fillet (Steamed)                                 £11.50                            

Calamari Strips                                               £10.90

Salt and Pepper Squid                                   £11.90                                                                                                                               


Side Orders               Desserts                     

Chips                                           £2.30                  Apple Crumble Served with custard or ice-cream                                        £4.50 

Garden Peas                               £1.90                  Rhubarb Crumble Served with custard or ice-cream                                 £4.50

Mushy Peas                                £1.90                  Spotted Dick Served with custard or ice-cream                            £4.50 

Feta Cheese Fritters                   £4.00                  Bread and Butter Pudding Served with custard or ice-cream            £4.50

Mozzarella Cheese Fritters         £4.00                  Treacle / Syrup Sponge Served with custard or ice-cream           £4.50

Gherkin                                       £1.20                  Jam Roly Poly Served with custard or ice-cream                                         £4.50

Greek Mixed Pickles                   £2.50                  Chocolate Sponge Served with custard or ice-cream                                £4.50

Bread and Butter                         £0.90                  Sticky Toffee Pudding Served with custard or ice-cream                       £4.50

Pickled Onion                             £0.90                   Ice - Cream Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry              £3.75



Hot Beverages          COLD BEVERAGES    


Tea                                     £1.80                           Coca Cola                                                        £1.95     

Filter Coffee                       £1.80                           Diet Coke                                                         £1.95             

Espresso                            £1.80                           Coke Zero                                                       £1.95 

Cappuccino                        £2.00                           Fanta                                                               £1.95

Caffe Latte                          £2.00                          Sprite                                                               £1.95    

Hot Chocolate                     £1.80                          Ginger Beer                                                     £1.95             

Fresh Mint & Lemon Tea    £2.50                                  Still or Sparkling Mineral Water    330ml         £1.95

Double Espresso                £2.40                           Still or Sparkling Mineral Water    750ml         £4.30

Americano Coffee               £1.80                           Orange or Apple Juice                                    £1.95


​White Wine                            

House White, Grecanico by Sibiliana Vini (Italy)                          £15.95

​Grecanico is identical to the garganega grape of the                  125ml  Glass   £3.55

Soave region, beautiful lush aromas of yellow fruit,                     175ml Glass   £3.99

almond and spices. A great balance between concentration

and fruit.                        

Trebbiano D'Abruzzo "Miravigna" by Casal Thaulero  (Italy)        £18.50

Straw Yellow with greenish reflections and fresh, fruity               125ml  Glass   £4.50

bouquet. The palate is soft, smooth and fragrant.                       175ml Glass   £4.95

​Sauvignon Veneto by Torresella (Italy)                                         £21.00

A dry white wine, straw-yellow coloured with greenish 

high lights, it's herbaceous fragrance and reminiscent of elderflower.

It's good underlying freshness is matched by pleasant softness.

Pinot Grigio Veneto by Torresella (Italy)                                        £21.00

A dry white wine with a straw hue. It stands out for its for it's

​finesse and it's persistence on the palate. Matches well with rather 

elsaborate fish recipes.

El Cante Albarino, Rias Baixas (Spain)                                        £24.50
Nectarine, apricot and peach are in perfect balance

​with a zesty and well defined citrus backbone.

Punto 5 Viognier-Chardonnay (Italy)                                            £26.00
by Abbazia Santa Anastasia 

Straw yellow colour with greenish hues and delicate intensity. Notes of

peach and orange blossom. Fresh, balanced taste with hints of white

melon and grapefruit, and an excellent aromatic after taste.

red Wine 

​House Red, Frappato "Roceno" by Sibiliana Vini (Italy)                £15.95

Frappato is a typical Sicilian grape variety. Light, soft tannins      125ml  Glass   £3.55

and an abundance of fruit, especially blackcurrant                       175ml Glass    £3.99

and strawberry.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo "Miravigna" by Casal Thaulero (Italy)   £21.00

Ruby red in colour with faint violet hues. A vinous and and intense

bouquet combines with a pleassantly tannic, full bodied and harmonious


Beaute du Sud Malbec (South of France)                                     £23.00

​Blackberries  plums and blueberries, accompanied by a

​subtle touch of spice, juicy, smooth and weighty palate.

Chianti Classico by Lamole Di Lamole (Italy)                                        £34.00

The colour is bright, deep ruby red with slightly garnet tints. The nose

perceives the full clean fragrances of forest fruits, spices, cherries while

on the palate blackberry conserve and spices are the notes that stand 

out from a smoothly blending suggestion of wood.

Barolo by Luigi Oddero (Italy)                                                        £49.00

Bright garnet red colour which tends towards brick red with age. The nose is

rich and complex with notes of forest fruit, herbs, dry flowers, liquorice and pine.


Pinot Grigio Rose' by Torresella (Italy)                                          £24.00

​The faint pinkish hue tends towards light copper. Fresh delicate aromas

that open up in the glass and an excellent balance between mellow fruit and 

fruit and fresh acidity on the palate.

Rosamara Rose' "Il vino di una notte" by Mattia Vezzola (Italy)    £34.00

"The wine of one night" is a winemaking technique that requires the winemaker

to be present for 24hours, applying the tears method, which uses the core of the

grape. The colour is pale candy pink on the nose it is inviting, ample with a hint

of mayflower. The taste is harmonious, fresh, with excellent persistence. 



Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330ml (Italy)                                           £4.00                 

Meantime Pale Ale 330ml (UK)                                                  £4.50

Curious Brew Lager, Chapel Down 330ml (UK)                         £4.50

Hoegaarden Wit Blanche 330ml (Belgium)                                 £4.30

​Birra Moretti Premium Lager 330ml ​(Italy)                                  £4.30

​Becks Blue (Non Alcoholic) 275ml (Germany)                            £3.50


Curious Apple Cider, Chapel Down 330ml (UK)                          £4.50

Champagne & Sparkling

La Marca Prosecco 20cl (Italy)                                                   £6.50                                                                       

Delicate and aromatic with a light body and fine bubbles. This

​wine carries lots of fresh peach, pear, apricot and apple.

Prosecco Corte Alta (Italy)                                                         £24.95

Delicate and aromatic with fine bubbles. This wine carries

lots of fresh peach, pear and an elegant zest.    

Taittinger Brut Reserve (France)                                                £40.00

The Taittinger is golden straw yellow with fine bubbles. It

exudes aromas of peach, fruity and bready, and with white flower. 

Brut Rose' Metodo Classico by Mattia Vezzola (Italy)                   £45.00

A perfect example of a sparkling wine made applying traditional methods 

(fermentation in bottle) with 80% chardonnay and 20% pinot noir softly

pressed grapes. Pale cherry pink with a hint of ripe fruit, vanilla and redcurrant.

​Franciacorta Brut by Il Mosnel NV (Italy)                                    £49.00

​White gold colour with a subtle and smooth perlage. A fine bouquet with

elderberry and hawthorn notes, giving it delicate nuances of fruit.

Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial (France)                                 £50.00 

Perhaps the best known Champagne, the Brut Imperial from

Moët embodies their house style: crisp and clean, this classic

Champagne shows citrus aromas and hints of biscuity flavours.      

                                                           A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.